About Us

Owner Tiffanie Fine wanted to change the auto buying experience, making it fun and a seemingly flawless transaction for credit union members.​​ Starting as a receptionist at a dealership in her late teenage years, from there working her way up quickly. Being the only female in the sales enviroment, against all odds she did very well in the auto indusrty. Eventually working for a different auto buying service, Tiffanie watched as they had no purpose, thier business relationships were uncared for, the owners were lacking involvement entirely. She had the drive to do things differently, with heart and soul to create something better. In 2016 we opened Fine Consulting Inc. dba Auto Quest Advisors. Incorporated, bonded and Licensed by the CA DMV. Auto Quest Advisors will place as many representatives as necessary in our credit union partnerships branches, to ensure coverage and member satisfaction throughout their journey in purchasing a new vehicle. The results have been incredible and we are very excited to introduce our strategy to everyone! 

"This is the second biggest purchase people usually make in their lifetime, it should be a feel good experience "            ​​

​-Tiffanie Fine



Ask us how!


Our representatives are highly skilled and have years of experience. Most of all,  they love people, Helping members by using their expertise, and caring about the experience. Auto Quest Advisors is not just a company, we are family and so are our clients!  Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service, or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our clients dont feel the need to go anywhere else for their vehicle needs.
Get to know our experienced auto buying representatives. They have the resources, skills, and a desire to be of service no matter how complicated or difficult the quest may be. Come see why no dealership is as quick, qualified,  convenient or friendly as us! ​​​​

Meet Jon, the newest member of our team and already the top performer! Members love him and so do we!

Our Goal​ 

Giving Back  

For several years our team has been in the automotive industry striving to improve the auto buying experience and avoid any sales enforced environment. Our clients show us their appreciation by coming back to us repeatedly. With that loyalty and a family feel, our goal is to reach out the the Southern California community, to be involved, raise donations, and to participate in local community events. 

We want to be the team that you and all your loved ones continuously come to when you are on the quest for a new or used vehicle! You know where our hearts lie and that "Feel Good" experience becomes a reality in your purchase.